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A video testimony by our listener.

"I know the true God"

My name is Heang home is in Seim Reap but I move to Kampong Speu province to work as a teacher. I decided to accept Jesus in 2013 because I see good examples from colleagues and teacher who always guided me every day never tireless, although sometimes I refused and ignored him. I tried to tell him that I can not believe Jesus because my parents do not allow me to follow Him.

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"I always used to think that I was worthless"

Listeners in Takeo

To be a Christian is easy but to live a Christian life needs more patience and faith. Hello! My name is Chan Saul and I am 61 years old. I am illiterate, and have never gone to school. I always used to think that I was worthless but believing in Jesus made my life and thoughts transformed.

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"I First Heard about Woman's Program!"

My name is Prak Von. I live in Prek Pdao, Roka Koung 1, Mok Kampoul, Kandal. I have two sons and I am a seller(Sell banana and vagetable). I believed in God since 1985 through a woman named Sokun from a church in the city. Before believing, I had many difficulties and would offer to the evil spirits. 

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"I get a lot of knowledge from..."

My name is Hou Sambath lives in Prek Phnao, Roka 1, Makom Poul, Kandal. I got marriage and have six children, three boys and girls. Nowadays I am an advisory in national constitution. Before I believed in God, I got pressure from my husband. 


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"I Had Been Listened To Short Wave Since 1994"

 I live in Svay Reing,   I have 5 children. Thank God my whole   family accepted God in 1993. I would like to share about Short Wave radio which I had been listened since 1994        because I got a radio from my friend in Phnom Penh. I really love that radio because I was educating my spirit to build up my faith stronger.


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