"God save and chose my husband "


My name is Thida. You know the Healing Heart program gave me strength and lived to be a strong lady. The speaker shared with me some reasons to think about what I face, even if we are discouraged, and want to suicide. Two years ago, my husband played the card lottery, at that time we got argued and he made me hurt, and then he runs away home. I didn't know what to do at that time. In His time, by grace, I took the radio and tune into the Healing heart program at the Night-Time. I got some suggestions and motivation a lot. Be patient, strong, and hopeful. The Healing Heart shows me a way how to solve and face problems. Thank you, God, my husband was back with me with the repentance heart with less talk and humility. Praise the Lord, he accepted Christ Jesus. Thank you God for your answer to my prayer and guide me to know Krusa FM and listen with a joyful heart. May God bless Krusa FM.

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