"Life was full of worries"

Listener Sen Chomnan

Hi! I am Sen Chomnan from Takeo province of Cambodia. Having a father who has been sick for almost 10 years was a matter of great worry for me and my family members.


We took him to different health centers and hospitals but nothing worked so well. He had often difficulties in breathing. I thought of buying a radio for my father so that he could pass his time listening to it.

          One day my father was tuning in to the radio and I was sitting beside him just relaxing, there was a sweet message airing which made my heart feel inner peace. Then later on I started to search the frequency and knew that it was Family FM 99.5. I continually started listening to this FM and started understanding the word of God.

Before also I was a Christian but I had no relationship with Jesus. I haven’t understood about Him and His words. I always used to hang-out with my friends and didn’t use to care about my family as well. But this program has taught me to make good relationship with not only Jesus Christ but also with my family members.

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