Somaly's Story

Trapped in an unhappy domestic situation,  Somaly was in despair... until one day a Christian girl encouraged her to listen to Family FM.....

Somaly, 19, is one of six children. Ten years ago she left her home in the province to live with her aunt in Phnom Penh, because her parents couldn’t support her. Her aunt promised to send her to school; but a year later her schooling was ended.

Somaly was so unhappy that she ran away and returned to her parents; but her aunt followed her and gave her father money on condition that Somaly accompanied her back to Phnom Penh. Since then Somaly has worked in her aunt’s home, treated as a servant and very unhappy.

But God saw Somaly’s distress. One day she met a girl who was a Christian. This girl told her to listen to Family FM. One day Somaly called into a Family FM program and told her story. Phary, the program host, phoned her back after the show. Somaly told Phary how Family FM had encouraged her. “I never smiled before, but Family FM can make me smile!” she said

Somaly is rarely allowed to leave her aunt’s house but one day she managed to slip out and visit Family FM. Tears ran down her face as we told her about Jesus and His love for her. Somaly visited us a second time, and this time she prayed with a member of staff to receive Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

Now Phary says that she can see a real change in Somaly. “She is trusting the Lord and experiencing peace. Now she wants to see her family come to know God.” (July 2011)


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